Training is highly needed by having gone through our Floor Overlays and/or Original Countertop training before attempting vertical surfaces.






Going vertical is made easy with Granicrete products!

Granicrete may be applied over existing surfaces including sheet rock, HardieBacker, and tile. Our Shower & Wall FX system is designed to provide excellent high-end finishes to transform the tub and shower area and your favorite walls.

Granicrete’s Texture Blend (for floors) and Countertop Blend are both excellent for vertical applications.  Granicrete’s Artistic Blend (for Designer Countertops) is also very good as an indoor plaster-like wall finish.

No extra training is required for the Shower & Wall FX but attending a class or our online training for Floor Overlays is highly beneficial.  Prior training is our Floor Resurfacing system is necessary as our techniques simply incorporate the principles behind that system.  

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