Granicrete floor epoxies meet diverse needs for residential, commercial, and industrial flooring. They also meet the requirements for USDA compliance in food environments such as restaurants and food processing plants. 

Our epoxies have versatility to be used for various finishes including:


Tinted + Acrylic Chips




Refer to the training manuals in the Installation Systems pages here in Granicrete University.


Epoxy and Sealer Selection Chart: 

SEALER CHART 11-2023.pdf

MetalliX Epoxy Data Sheet:

Download Datasheet MetalliX Epoxy


MVEP (Moisture Vapor Epoxy Primer): Engineered to reduce concrete moisture vapor from as much as 15lbs psi down to less than 2psi.

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CA-FD (Cyclo-Aliphatic Fast Drying): 20-30 minute working time and sets in 6-8 hours. Great for infusing Mica Essence Metallix ultra fine powder pigments. Also available on popular tinted colors. This epoxy is used for floors and for countertops and art.

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NOVOLAC EPOXY SA220 (Novolac chemistry resisting even Sulfuric Acid and high temps of 220F):  100% solids multipurpose epoxy designed for strong chemical and strong solvent resistance. It also has higher temperature resistance withstanding temperatures as high as 220°F. Working time is approximately 15 minutes with 5 hour set time.

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