We take support seriously.  That is why support to our is available 24-7. 

Ideal support really takes place before you ever need to call.  It begins with proven excellence.
1.    Excellent products and systems that are easily to learn and to do.
2.    Excellent training manuals which are easy to follow for the professional and the novice.
3.    Excellent training which not only equips but gives you that inner confidence to put your skills into use.
4.    Excellence in sales and marketing support that helps you build your business quickly.

When you combine proven excellence and combine it with 24-7 support from our distributors and corporate team, you put yourself on the path of success.

What is our customers' responsibility in this?
1.    Engage in training … Your advancement begins with training.  Even the seasoned pros learn much when they come through our classes.
2.    Eager to learn and read … Learn about our products and application.  
3.    Practice your profession … Enjoy “playing” when you are not “performing” the installation.
4.    Always ask and never assume … Ask your support team before trying something new or doing something in uncertainty.  As they say “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of the cure.”  More important, operate within the realms of proven success. Remember, you are the professional. Be in control of the sales process and your installation process.  Avoid the consumer and the requests that have you cutting corners or going into the realm of the unknown.