No training class is required for this epoxy floor system.

Download the guide below and preview the video on this page.

Epoxy Chip Metallix – Quartz Manual – updated 11-2023

Optional Moisture Barrier Coat

Primer Coat

Final Clear Coat

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Be sure to order your 6-panel color brochures through Granicrete’s store.


Granicrete’s Real MetalliX Advanced Flooring System offers a wide range of colors, coloring techniques and installation possibilities.  These instructions will help guide you through a basic installation as well as some artistic possibilities.  Don’t be limited to the coloring techniques provided.  As a concrete artisan you should develop your own coloring looks and techniques while staying within the product guidelines. 

The basic steps to our Real MetalliX floor consist of…

  1. Surface Prep: Cleaning, degreasing and profiling to Granicrete specifications.  
  2. Primer Coat: Using moisture barrier penetrant or fast drying cyclo-aliphatic colored epoxy
  3. Metallic Coat: Using fast drying clear cyclo-aliphatic epoxy w/ Real MetalliX Powders
  4. Protective Coat: Polyurea UV and chemical resistant finish coat for added protection and longevity


  • Epoxy allows for longer working time and more manipulation of the metallix
  • Highly artistic finish – 1 of a kind
  • Strong floor designed for industrial protection
  • Can be completed in a 1 or 2 day process
  • Complete a custom floor quickly and inexpensively … A great competitive alternative for budget-minded consumers.


  • Restaurants, shops, commercial lobbies …
  • Heavy duty commercial environments
  • Locker rooms
  • Garage floors
  • Warehouse and Automotive shops Residential Homes


Epoxies heat when catalyzing together. Properly mixed PART-A and PART-B should heat on the floor but not in your mixing bucket. After mixing it is important to get the mixed epoxy out of the mixing bucket and onto the working area of the floor. The Magic Trowel and rollers will then get the epoxy spread to the proper thickness. If the mixed epoxy is left in a mixing pail, the epoxy will overheat, then smoke, and can flame. 

If you need to precision cut-in the epoxy around the baseboards or keep from filling control joints, then the following must be done:

  1. If working alone, mix only what is needed to perform the cut in. Then mix the remaining parts of the epoxy kit to do the main surface.
  2. If working as a team, split the mixed epoxy and have one person cut with the necessary amount to do the edges and joints just ahead of the other person who has poured out the remaining majority of the mixed epoxy and is spreading it around the floor.
  3. Never leave a mixed kit of epoxy unattended.
  4. Avoid interruptions and distractions as once epoxy is blended the timer of its pot-life is diminishing.

This system will be completely available here with downloadable training guide, specification sheets, SDS sheets.  No training class is required.  You can order products through participating distributors or directly from Granicrete International.


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Epoxy Chip Metallix – Quartz Manual – updated 11-2023

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