A legally binding Agreement entered into with Granicrete International, Inc., a corporation at 3420 S. 7th Street, Suite 6, Phoenix, Arizona, 85040, USA, herein after called “GI” and installer whose contact information is willingly provided, called “Installer”.

1. The GI Logos and trade names are registered marks. All existing rights in connection with or future rights through the use of the logo are exclusively reserved to GI. 

2. The Installer shall use the Logo as long as the company is using GI’s products for installations. 

3.  Installer shall not continue use of Logo if installer is using products considered to be competitive to Granicrete.

4. Installer assumes full and complete responsibility for use of the Logo.

5. Installer may use pictures available through GI to express GI products leading to finished projects.  Installer may not, unless the photograph referenced was of their own work, take credit for the pictures in any capacity.

6. This Agreement may be terminated by GI at 10 days’ notice. Attempt of notice may be by confirmed receipt of email or in writing to Installer’s address provided.

7. Abuse of the Logo or Pictures (i.e. using Logo and Pictures when using a competitor product or system) may result in any or all of the following:

a. A request and requirement to immediately take corrective actions;

b. Termination of Agreement and cease of use of the Logo and Photographs;

c. GI to request court action through a court selected at GI’s sole discretion for indemnities and damages to the maximum amount of $25,000 USD per violation occurrence.  Installer agrees that all legal costs and associated fees will recovered at the Installer’s expense and are considered separate from the indemnity damages referenced herein.

7. GI reserves the right to alter Logo and/or trade name.  The Installer is required to discontinue use of old logos, trade name, and photographs.  GI is not responsible for any associated expenses incurred by the Installer to make the modification to GI stipulated new requirement(s).

8. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between GI and Installer supersedes all previous communications, representations or agreements between GI and Installer.