No formal training is required for this epoxy floor system.

Download the guides below, review them thoroughly and have your questions answered and along with tech support from Granicrete International. 

Epoxy Flooring Manual and Opportunities

Epoxy Chip – MetalliX – Quartz Manual- updated 11-2023

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Advantages for the our customers of the Granicrete Floor Epoxy System:

The major challenge of most epoxy floor systems is long dry times that extend the time frame to do an install and cuts into profitability.  As the epoxy floor market is not known for its margins but for its volumes, delays to complete install simply cuts into the volume of floor that can be done.  

(NOTE:  Offering this Granicrete Epoxy Floor System as an add-on to the other Granicrete systems you are installing at the consumer’s location will result in your greatest profitability.  By alternating dry-times of multiple projects, you are making the best use of your time and adding to your profitability.)
Granicrete is using 30 years of technology in its system that revolutionizes a full chip broadcast (to get the granite look) into one day (plus prep time).  This system is not only time efficient, but combined with competitively low material costs you are able to enjoy greater profits in the consumer markets.

Another problem of epoxy floor systems in delamination from improper floor prep and from moisture vapor being trapped under its non-breathable surface.  Granicrete virtually eliminates the latter through its MVEP (Moisture Vapor Epoxy Primer) which significantly reduces if not completely eliminates moisture vapor from reaching through the concrete to the epoxy.  THIS IS A CRITICAL PART OF THE SYSTEM’S SUCCESS and selling this step in your consumer presentation will help you secure more business and separate yourself from competitors.

Another challenge for epoxy floor systems is burden of having to use too many different products depending on the type of installation involved.  Granicrete’s system uses just a handful of products to meet a broad spectrum of applications from residential garage to manufacturing facilities.

Advantages for the Consumer of the Epoxy Floor System:

Consumers are looking for the following:
1.    Competitively Priced
2.    Yields great looks
3.    Long-term performance
4.    Quickly be able to use their garage or space.
5.    A sense that you know what you are doing as their installer.

Granicrete’s Epoxy Floor System achieves all of these.
1.    Competitively Priced:  Full broadcast systems can run installers as much as $2.00 per square foot.  You are priced well under that even when considering the extra performance associated with the MVEP (Moisture Vapor Epoxy Primer) as an extra step toward greater performance.
2.    Yields great looks:  In reality, all epoxy floor systems when installed correctly begin looking the same from the onset.  The real issue, what do they look like in 6 months, a year, or years later.  By selling the performance features of our products (which are listed herein, you are helping your consumer understand the value of long-term performance that comes with you).
3.    Long-term performance:  You want customers for life.  If your prospect is only looking for price, that person may be better off going to a competitor who is not looking to be in business for the long term.  Essentially, lower price always leads to those who cut corners as has been the history of epoxy floor installers.
4.    Quickly be able to use their garage or space:  Most systems recommend 1-2 days before walking and 3-7 days before parking.  With our system you can be walking on the floor within hours and handling automotive traffic in as little as 36 hours.
5.    A sense that you know what you are doing:  Our manual instills the confidence that is evident when you talk with prospects.



Epoxies heat when catalyzing together. Properly mixed PART-A and PART-B should heat on the floor but not in your mixing bucket. After mixing it is important to get the mixed epoxy out of the mixing bucket and onto the working area of the floor. The Magic Trowel and rollers will then get the epoxy spread to the proper thickness. If the mixed epoxy is left in a mixing pail, the epoxy will overheat, then smoke, and can flame. 

If you need to precision cut-in the epoxy around the baseboards or keep from filling control joints, then the following must be done:

  1. If working alone, mix only what is needed to perform the cut in. Then mix the remaining parts of the epoxy kit to do the main surface.
  2. If working as a team, split the mixed epoxy and have one person cut with the necessary amount to do the edges and joints just ahead of the other person who has poured out the remaining majority of the mixed epoxy and is spreading it around the floor.
  3. Never leave a mixed kit of epoxy unattended.
  4. Avoid interruptions and distractions as once epoxy is blended the timer of its pot-life is diminishing.

This system will be completely available here with downloadable training guide, specification sheets, SDS sheets.  No training class is required.  You can order products through participating distributors or directly from Granicrete International.