CONCRETES: Overlays… Stains

EPOXIES: MetalliX… Quartz… Acrylic Chip… Specialty

COUNTERTOPS: Original and Designer Overlays … MetalliX

VERTICALS: Shower Surfacing… Wall Coatings… Artistic

SEALERS: Nanotechnology Solvent, Water-based, Low VOC

The “Easy” Choice for Pros Since 2006

Granicrete carries and diverse selection of Magic Trowels, chip brushes, foam brushes, spiked shoes, rubbing stones, and quality spray bottles to make your installations go easier. 

We are also a distributor of Mirka products that we heavily promote for detailing of Crystal Top epoxy after the initial installation and for ongoing customer maintenance agreements.

Being able to single source these items and have them become conveniently available to be included on any order makes one-stop ordering even easier for you.