We recommend that you print a copy of these SDS and keep them in a binder at your office and at the jobsite.  This is for your personnel benefit and to be in compliance with OSHA requirements should an inspector wonder onsite at either location. Your binder should have cover page that lists these in chronological order.

If you have Granicrete products that are discontinued and not shown here, call Granicrete for copies of the SDS before using those products. Also check the batch date to see if the product may be beyond use.

Contact 24-Hour Emergency:

Domestic: 1-800-633-8253

International: 001-801-629-0667

Download your Safety Data Sheets

Misc. Prep… Etch – Crack Mend – Patch – Membrane – Primer:

Concrete Mending: Ten Minute Treatment

Concrete Mending: Crack Patch Gel

Versa Primer … Indoor Multi-Use Primer

Elastomeric Membrane:  Hydro Barrier Membrane

Efflorescence Block: Eff-Blocker

Textures and Polymer:

Floor and Wall Overlays: Base Blend and Texture Blend

Polymer for Overlay: Super Concentrated Polymer

Countertop & Wall Overlays: Countertop Blend and Artistic Blend

Solvent Sealers:

Color Enhancer LOW VOC:


Polyurea 80C:

Slip Resistant Additive: SRA and SRA Coarse

Water-Based Sealers:

Poly Low Odor:



Crystal Top Epoxy:

Crystal Top AHD:




Metallix Clear Resin

Colorants – Liquid:

Acrylic Concrete Stains: 

Suspension Additive: 



Colorants – Powders / Webbing / Flakes / Chips / Quartz:

Powdered Colored Accents: 

Mica flakes: 

Mica Essence Metallic Powders:

Quartz Aggregate:

Acrylic Chips: