Coating professionals after applying Granicrete Countertop Epoxies will detail the epoxy in one of three ways to enhance its performance and bring the gloss of its shine to that of polished stone surfaces.

Option 1 is to sand and polish and then apply a buff in wax or spray on wax.  Bees Wax is an excellent product we carry for spray on – wipe off waxing.

Option 2 is sand and polish the same but finish with polishing cream and buffing pad. Granicrete carry’s the best for both and the outcome is the ultra-high gloss finish just as the Crystal Top epoxies originally yielded but with that super smooth feel and look of polished stone.

Option 3 is to sand and coat Crystal Top with our WB-P53 which comes in gloss or satin and in convenient 24-oz. kits that will do 60-80 square feet.

For further information about detailing, see below:

Countertop Sanding Polishing

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Granicrete’s Sealer and Epoxy Selection Chart:

Epoxy Sealer Chart – 11-2023

Crystal Top: This incredibly easy to apply epoxy for countertops has exceptional self leveling for a dimple free project outcome. With its fast curing components, Crystal Top can be detailed the following day either by sanding and polishing or applying WB-P53 as a scratch protective coating. This detailing reduces the coefficient of friction making the surface super smooth feeling like polished stone.

Crystal Top Epoxy

Crystal Top AHD: Developed to work in slightly cooler conditions. Being less viscous it flows better and yields the “Advanced Heat Diffusion” needed when epoxies must cure in cooler ambient temperatures. Epoxies that do not meet initial cure internal temperatures due to ambient temperature being too low can be effected by soft rings and moisture whitening from hot dishes and mugs.

Crystal Top Epoxy AHD

Both epoxies have been certified for several years and are the only such know to be certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (the same entity that certifies your home and commercial water purification systems. 

Also becoming more popular for countertops is CA-FD and CA-FD FS+. These epoxies are being used with Granicrete’s Mica Essence metallic powders to create stunning artistic finishes that are then coated with Crystal Top to gain the excellent self-leveling and assure the powders are locked in and not exposed to food contact.

Casting Epoxy – UC: This casting epoxy is excellent for deep pours of epoxy (i.e. river tables) and can be tinted by Dispersions, Acryli-Shades, and Mica Essence Mica colors or apply without any for an ultra-clear finish. 

Casting Epoxy UC