Your training package includes Granicrete’s products and practice boards sent directly to you.

Also in the boxes are our comprehensive training manual and a training guide.

The guide tells you what to read in the manual, and which simple “how-to” video to watch that shows mixing, applying the Granicrete materials, specific coloring, and sealing.

30+ Color Recipes

“Best Written Manual”
per industry pros.

Includes 20 How-To Videos

  • 1st Brush Coat
  • 2nd Brush Coat
  • Edging: Chiseled Finish
  • Edging: Flat Finish
  • Sanding
  • 1st Trowel Coat
  • 2nd Trowel Coat
  • 6 Coloring Videos
  • Crystal Top Epoxying
  • Concrete Sealer Option
  • Pro Protector Finishing


Here is what you will learn:

1. How to do project estimation
2. Understand elements to consider in you scope of work for your proposal
3. If building new tops, how to use templates and successful measuring techniques
4. How to measure for new sinks and seal underneath existing sinks
5. Easy ways to remove and fabricate backsplashes as an option
6. Easy wasy to remove and fabricate countertops as an option
7. How to safely remove appliances if needed.
8. How to prepare the existing countertop for being resurfaced
9. How to re-install splashes and caulk
10. How to select Granicrete’s outdoor countertop sealers
11. How to detail countertops for honed finishes and for greater scratch resistance
12. How should the consumer continue to care for and maintain their Granicrete tops

Here is what you will be doing in the training:

1. Applying Brush Coats
2. How to square edges
3. Edging techniques (rope / routed / chiseled / flat / chiseled)
4. Applying Trowel Coats
5. Prepping surface to receive colors
6. How to coloring for marbling, granite, veins, high-end concrete stain finishes
7. How to use and apply Crystal Top Epoxy for indoor counters
8. How to apply sealers for outdoor and for high-end concrete countertop finishes

Here is what else you gain:
6 Finished “Show-Ready” Boards:
Your training kit includes the necessary Granicrete products to practice with as you make sample boards that stun your friends, family, and future clients. We anticipate you will land many installs from showing these boards to others.

Complete Training Guide and Comprehensive Training Manual:
Our guide takes you through each step of your training. It instructs you what to read in the Manual and the video to watch and follow as you do each step in completing your boards. Our manual is an easy and valuable reference. It has17 easy to follow color recipes for marble, granite, stone, and the latest in concrete countertop finishes.

Online Knowledge Review and Coach:
As you complete your training we provide you with an online review. It is designed to affirm what you know and prompt us to coach you through what you need assistance. Your coach will also go through pictures you send us of your finished boards to give you comment and guidance. The overall goal is for you to be confident to begin using our products in the field.

Our goal is to equip you with the confidence to use our products

and to have an excellent set of sample boards for showing.

As you show your impressive samples to others

they will quickly become your customers.


Call to order through the corporate office at 866-438-9464