Welcome to the "U"!
Since 2006 Granicrete International has supported our independent professionals in many capacities - one of which has been through Granicrete University. We are pleased to provide you with this easy interactive experience for our University and invite you to tour around.

  1. You will find information about each of our installation systems.
  2. Easy access to training opportunities and training videos.
  3. Quick search and selection for sales and marketing materials, signing up for business discounts and services, and downloading logos, templates, and pictures.
  4. Easy search and download for SDS and Product Specification Sheets
  5. News and to keep informed.
  6. Picture galleries and way to submit your great pictures to be added to the general public.
  7. Easy ways to contact us and share your thoughts, opinions and needs.
  8. Order sales brochures, color charts, signs, business cards, door hangers, tools, disposables, and more.

Tech Support...

Granicrete provides tech support by phone and through the resources here in the U. Call us at 866-438-9464 or 602-438-9464 and dial extension 200 or press 8. If we are not immediately available, we will call you back ASAP.


Arizona Mountain Standard Time

 Monday - Thursday 7:00am to 3:00pm

Friday 7:00am to 1:00pm

Will call pick up by appointment for Phoenix.

Changes in SL-P60 GLOSS


We have often been asked why P60 Gloss was 1:1 when Satin was 2:1. Taking this to heart we have worked on developing P60 Gloss to be a 2:1 and we are pleased to announce that it is now 2:1 mix with incredible air release and rolls out even better than ever.  Now available in 1.5 gallon kits.