Consumer financing is an awesome tool for you.

You are competing for the consumer’s disposable income. By offering HFS consumer financing your prospect will now become your client and they will be able to do several things through financing:

  1. Increase the size of the projects(s) they will immediately do with you. Good for you!
  2. Do that project with you and add their finishing touch for it like new furniture or applicances.
  3. Based on their credit score, be able to do so at a better rate than their credit card while also having some interest deductions.
  4. By advertising you offer financing you will generate more interest for prospects to do business with you! Good for you!  Displaying you offer financing will will bring more people to your booth and cause more people to inquire with you having seen the finance option in your website.
  5. On your sales appointment, having the link for financing on your notebook or laptop your prospect can complete the application right then and there with you in less than 60-seconds!

You have no risks in this.

You do give up any of your profits in doing this.

You are offering a valuable benefit to your prospects and clients through this.

This is good for you!

Financing Made Simple!

Home of the 60-second application.

This scenario will happen … your potential customer will ask if you offer financing. If you don’t have it to offer, you will lose the sale. But by offering financing you will close more sales and grow your business. All you need to do is become an HFS finance dealer!

How much does it cost you? Nothing to become a dealer and nothing for deals financed and nothing should your customer default on their loan!

How do I become a dealer?  Click the link below and your online dealer application is completed in 60 seconds!  Once approved you will receive a link to embed it on your website and that will likely be within one business day.  If you do not have a website you can refer them directly to the HFS website to do their applications.


Who can you offer financing to? Everyone!

How does my prospect or client apply? Online through a link on your website or directly through the HFS website.

How long does it take for them to do the application online?  Just 60 seconds too.

How much does it cost for my client to apply?  No application fees!

How fast can they get approved? In as little as a minute.

What about their credit score?  Better the score = better the rate and terms.  (700+ score could be 8-12% on loan request of $2,000-$5,000)

Is this secured or unsecured? Loans are signature secured. No collateral.

What if they have no equity in their home?  Equity is not needed! Home ownership is not needed.  They can get this loan for a project at their business.

What if they want a larger loan than the project amount? They can apply for any amount they want!

How fast can they receive funds? Funds can be wired as fast as 24-48 hours into their bank account!

Are there any prepayment penalties?  No!

Are any advanced payments or down payments required to get the loan?  No!

Can commercial businesses apply for loan?  Yes!

Will submitting an application affect their credit score?  No!

What limitations are there? 

  • Loans requests under $20,000 are fast lane online handled.
  • Loans over $20,000 are handled personally by Jay Hutchins Sr. He is the Senior Loan Consultant at HFS Financial Services. We will provide you with his direct line and email upon request.
  • Minimum terms are 3 years up to 15 years and up to $150,000.
  • Rates can be from 3.99% up to 24.99%.
  • Interest on loans are eligible for tax deductions as and where applicable.

Quick Summary of the HFS Consumer Financing

60-Second Loan Application for Your Customers

  •  Rates start at 3.99% (Max APR is 24.99%)*
  • Up to $150,000*
  • No Equity Required, No Home Ownership Required
  • Minimum Term: 3 Years | Maximum Term: 15 Years
  • Any Home Project Can be Included
  • All 50 States*
  • No Prepayment Penalty
  • No Deposit or Down Payment Required
  • Tax Deductible Loans Available*
  • Money Funded to Consumer
  • Loan application won’t affect your credit score
  • Monthly payments on a 10-year $10,000 Loan based on an interest rate of 7.50% APR would be $118.73 per month.
  • *All programs not available in all states*