Hydro Barrier Membrane – Black

Application thickness approximately 100-150 sf/gal.

Hydro-Barrier Membrane is an elastomeric membrane that is used as a waterproofer and crack suppressor for many applications.  This product is also recommended for Granicrete’s countertop system to waterproof the sink cut out and waterproof and bridge build any seams in the countertop.

It is also designed to waterproof surfaces which will have tile, brick, slate, pavers or other similar finished surfaces installed directly over the membrane. It’s ideally suited to waterproof shower pans, bathrooms, kitchens, ponds and other areas in continuously wet environments.

It may also be used to waterproof outdoor applications such as balconies, roof decks, etc. but not remain in direct sun exposure.  A light broadcast of 60-90 grit kiln dry sand or silica sand onto wet membrane will enhance Granicrete Base or Texture Blends adhesion over membrane.

  • Waterproof a wood floor substrate before applying metal lathe for Granicrete’s interior overlay and micro-topping systems. (Consult with Granicrete’s Tech Team for waterproofing considerations, risks, and costs for exterior wood decking before attempting.)
  • Brush over hair line cracks in a concrete slab suppress the crack and help eliminate crack shadowing.
  • Brush the top, inside edge, and underside sink cutout for added protection from a water leak.
  • Brush any seams or cracks to prevent cracking or shadowing in the final texture coat.
Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

Gallon, Quart