Sparked in 2002…
After more than 20 years in wholesale petroleum marketing and seeing that industry begin to go through mergers coupled with heavy regulation and every aspect of it becoming commoditized, Marc Winkelman began to look at an exit strategy with this single thought, “If I were to have my own business, what industry would that be in?”

For two years Winkelman researched many industries and continually came back to decorative concrete ultimately deciding on this industry for two key reasons:
1.    It had been around for decades … it was not a fad.
2.    Very few knew about it … it was highly under-marketed.
Seeing this and believing there were incredible opportunities, Winkelman decided to cut his teeth in the wholesale part of this business as well.

Initiated in 2004…
In 2004 Boulder Image Supply was started.  Purchasing the distributor territory rights and not knowing anything about the business or the products, Winkelman saw that the overlay flooring training materials he was given to use were very inadequate. 

Many details were left out and many terms used were unfamiliar to those outside the industry.  Winkelman rewrote these training materials and focused entirely on training novices unfamiliar to the decorative concrete industry. He built the business from nearly nothing to becoming the largest distributor in the Boulder Image network within 12 months.

Became Granicrete in 2006…
In 2005 Winkelman was urged to consider focusing on a potential new product for a countertop overlay. He began refining this product's performance and installation process with the sole purpose that it be extremely user friendly for a novice to use and yield incredible "authentic" stone finishes.

The product was test marketed with prospective consumers consistently asking “What’s the price of your granite?”.  In April  2006 Granicrete International was formed. The foundational keys for Granicrete are found in our mission and purpose.

Continuing to this day...

Granicrete has continued to evolve bringing exceptional products and installations systems to the market and all under the requirements of being user friendly and yielding incredible finishes.

By providing these versatile systems, Granicrete makes it possible for you to have multiple highly profitable systems to offer to your customers.  In a great way you are able to act as the single source "general contractor" for finished surfaces.  The benefit to you is that you are personally transformed in becoming that "general contractor" as can do multipe systems at the same time for your customer and in your greater efficiencies offer your customer more value for their investment dollar while you increase your profitability over each day of the installation as you transform their surfaces and surroundings.  Better yet, you are able to become a valuable resource over the lifetime of your customer in their future surfacing needs.  You win now and in the long term.   Transforming ... yes that is what we are all about!



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