Advanced Suspension Additive

16 oz bottle mixes into colorant of choice and water.

Granicrete’s Advanced Suspension Additive is used specifically for coloring into Granicrete’s Crystal Top Epoxy to create Designer Finishes.  Per mix ratios and outcomes sought, Granicrete’s Concentrated Dispersions and Acryli-Shades are mixed with the Advanced Suspension Additive along with water to suspend the colorants in Granicrete’s Crystal Top epoxy for allowing easy manipulation of colorants on and in the epoxy itself.

This color mixture can be painted or sprayed onto the Crystal Top Epoxy and then manipulated with heat, air movement, and brushes.

Many recipes for its use are in the Granicrete Designer Tops Manual.

This additive should not be used for coloring techniques that will be sealed with floor sealers but only with Crystal Top and Crystal Top AHD epoxies.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 12 in