Your training package includes Granicrete’s products and practice boards sent directly to you.

Also in the boxes are our comprehensive training manual and a training guide.

The guide tells you what to read in the manual, and which simple “how-to” video to watch that shows mixing, applying the Granicrete materials, specific coloring, and sealing.

Many Color Recipes

“Best Written Manual”

Includes 20+ How-To Videos

  • Floor Preparation
  • Crack Bridging
  • Base Blend Mixing
  • Base Blend Application
  • Honoring Expansion Joints
  • Taping General Requirements
  • Taping Random Slate
  • Taping Flagstone
  • Taping Travertine and Tile
  • Texturing for Slate
  • Texturing for Flagstone
  • Texturing for Travertine
  • Pulling Tape for Great Lines
  • Coloring: General How To
  • Coloring: Slate
  • Coloring: Flagstone
  • Coloring: Travertine
  • Sealing: Slate
  • Sealing: Flagstone
  • Sealing: Travertine


Here is what you will learn:

  1. Considerations for Project and Cost Estimation
  2. Site Preparation
  3. Surface Preparation of Differing Substrates
  4. Easy Moisture Vapor Resolve For Concrete
  5. How to do Crack Repair “Bridging” and Repair Spalled Concrete
  6. Proper Priming of Porous Surfaces
  7. Mixing and Applying Base Blend Coat
  8. Honoring Control Joints While Troweling
  9. How to Tape Your Grout Line Pattern
  10. Mixing and applying “Authentic” Texture Blend Coat
  11. How to trowel for popular stone finishes and wood too
  12. How to color to easily creating stone and wood finishes
  13. Affordably Elegant Surfaces™ of Distinction Coloring Techniques

                Flagstone (Southwest)

                Flagstone (Other Regions)


                Travertine (Turkish)

                Travertine (Italian – Mexican)

                Cracked Stone (Basic)

                Cracked Stone (Patina)

                Barnwood Plank

                Concrete Staining and Antiquing

  1. Sealing for customer satisfaction and surface performance


Here is what you will be doing in the training:

  1. How to mix and apply Base Blend
    2. How to tape out grout line patterns
    3. How to mix and apply Texture Blend for stone finishes
    4. Proper method for pulling tape for your grout line patterns
    5. Coloring techniques for stone finishes
    6. Applying sealer properly


Here is what else you gain:
4 Finished “Show-Ready” Boards:
Your training kit includes the necessary Granicrete products to practice with as you make sample boards that stun your friends, family, and future clients. We anticipate you will land many installs from showing these boards to others.

Complete Training Guide and Comprehensive Training Manual:
Our guide takes you through each step of your training. It instructs you what to read in the Manual and the video to watch and follow as you do each step in completing your boards. Our manual is an easy and valuable reference. It has numerous easy to follow color recipes for authentic stone and wood finishes.

Online Knowledge Review and Coach:
As you complete your training we provide you with an online review. It is designed to affirm what you know and prompt us to coach you through what you need assistance. Your coach will also go through pictures you send us of your finished boards to give you comment and guidance. The overall goal is for you to be confident to begin using our products in the field.

Our goal is to equip you with the confidence

to use our products for your business

and to make exceptionally attractive sample boards.

In sharing your boards prospects become customers.


Call to order through corporate office at 866-438-9464.