Knowledge Assessment

Congratulations!  You have put in the time and dedication to learn the skills for success with the Granicrete Original Countertop Resurfacing System. 
Your show boards should be camera ready and you should be exam ready.  If you received your training kits from Granicrete’s Phoenix headquarters, please take a picture of each with the name of its finished look to
If you received your kit through a Granicrete Training Distributor, contact the distributor for their procedure for reviewing your finished practice boards.
This examination will take you 1-2 hours to complete.  It is designed to help affirm the knowledge and understanding you have gained from the online videos and the training manual. The exam is not pass or fail but provides the opportunity for your “Coach” to review this system with you so that you will be confident to move forward in your installation opportunities.
Upon successful score of this exam and review of your finished samples we desire to present you with your Granicrete Certificate of Completion.  Should you need to return to this page to complete the exam you are able to use the login option below to do so.  Work completed will be saved for your return.
Upon completion of the exam you will receive an email from our corporate office confirming we have received your exam and pictures.  Within a business days we will contact you with your test results and additional valuable information for you.
Wishing you the best,
                                   Marc Winkelman, CEO

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