Easy to use solvent based 2-component (2:1) high performance sealer.

Gloss or Satin

Coverage: 400-600 sf per kit pending surface porosity.

Used over Granicrete’s textures and blends as well as epoxies. Use over other cementitious substrates too.

1-hour working time with 7-hour dry time.

60% high solids, high performance low VOC aliphatic polyester polyurethane that provides high chemical and wear resistance not found in standard polyurethanes. SL-P60 complies with California’s VOC regulations and used nationally and internationally meeting USDA compliance requirements as well.

SL-P60 is perfect for interior and exterior flooring applications this product has excellent gloss retention and high UV resistance.  Its high abrasion and scratch resistance accompanied with high chemical resistance make it a perfect choice for commercial-industrial and residential applications.

SL-P60 is also used as a sealer on a variety of substrates including concrete, stained concrete. masonry, overlays, and epoxy floor coatings. Examples include industrial floors, commercial garage floors, automotive service areas, decorative concrete floors, and meets federal requirements for food processing facilities and restaurant floors.

It is an ideal final coating for projects that require a gloss retention, ease of cleaning, high wear resistance and a high chemical resistance.

  • High Wear and Chemical Resistance
  • Great UV resistance
  • Meets California’s VOC requirements < 100 g/l
  • When used as a sealer over exterior concrete, SL-P60 Gloss may be thinned with up to 25% acetone. Keep material thin while rolling out.
  • Should a satin finish be desired over unprimed concrete, Granicrete recommends the satin finish should be applied as a 2nd coat over SL-P60 Gloss. Satin can be used directly over primed or epoxied surface.

Test Results:

Exceptional Abrasion Resistance ASTM D4060-84  42.7 mg loss

Chemical and Solvent Resistance (4 Hour Spot Test, Covered)

Skydrol B-4                                                                  No Effect

Hydraulic Fluid #83282                                             No Effect

25% Nitric Acid                                                             Blistered

37% Hydrochloric Acid                                               Lifted Film

50% Sulfuric Acid                                                         Stain

50% Sodium Hydroxide                                              No Effect

10% Acetic Acid                                                            No Effect

MEK                                                                                 Slight Swelling

Xylene                                                                            No Effect

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  • Foot traffic 24 hours.
  • Heavy traffic 4-7 days
Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 9 × 9 in

Gloss (2:1 Kit), Satin (2:1 Kit)

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